Matthew J. Worwood

IMG_3465I am a proud father of three young boys, a frustrated Brit (at times), and a devoted Crystal Palace fan (UK soccer team). Professionally, I work as a professor of Digital Media Design at the University of Connecticut. My research area is creativity inside design thinking. Within this topic I focus on the design and integration of digital media products in education and offer professional development to support this effort. I’ve also produced some super low-budget documentary films. Creativity in Education: Exploring the Imbalance is available on Amazon Prime. Although dated, this film offers a summary of creativity in education, particularly from an accountability and assessment perspective. I’m also working on a sequence of shorter films exploring education issues that impact the Class of 2032 and beyond.

This blog is dedicated to my interests in creativity as related to parenting and childhood development. Although somewhat sporadic and causal, I use DadsforCreativity to articulate thoughts on creativity, share how I’m using technology at home, and make new connections between creativity research and parenting for creativity.

I am always happy to connect via LinkedIn or Twitter. I also offer professional development on Digital Media Design for Learning and Teacher Creativity using new technology. Check out some of my other projects below:

Finally, if you’re into podcasts, please consider subscribing to the Fueling Creativity podcast now available onĀ iTunes, Audible, or Spotify.