Raising Highly Creative Kids

by Matthew Worwood
My Parent Book

Raising Highly Creative Kids: 8 Tips for first time parenting

Eight years ago, I produced a short document that shared eight parental tips for promoting creativity at home. I made the document available as a download for those who subscribed to DadsforCreativity. Last year I thought it was time to revise the tips, but as I progressed, I felt it better to make it an e-book, and then I figured why not go the extra step and publish it as a book. So - I published a book!

I wrote Raising Highly Creative Kids: 8 Tips for Early Years Parenting for busy parents and caregivers with an intellectual curiosity for learning, education, and creativity.

Many of the tips align with creativity research. And most correspond with the discussions I’ve had with creativity experts who have appeared as a guest on the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast.

I start the book by summarizing a little about creativity before introducing eight actions that can help nurture creativity and support childhood development at home.