My Parent Blog: A Fathers Day Reflection

by Matthew Worwood

I love being a Father, and has offered an outlet to express that passion.

This article offers a Fathers Day reflection about my parent blog, Dads for Creativity. In the episode, Cyndi asked me what I had observed about my parenting while writing this blog. I responded on the topic of parental bias and how it influences the type of Creativity I notice in my children, and of course, this impacts the stories I share on Consider my middle son, who is packed full of explosive energy. Yes, he likes to build Lego box sets, but he doesn’t play games or create lego worlds from scratch; he’s not into it. He was never into nature walks and is sporadic in most sit-down activities. At this very moment, he is to the right of me, arranging the sofa cushions, moving the beanbags, and setting up other objects in the room for his Ultimate Beast Master obstacle course. As a scholar-practitioner of Creativity studies, I recognize the Creativity in how he has utilized the space and engaged his imagination to offer running commentary on his progress on the course. There is a crowd behind the TV chanting his name, and although they are silent, the whole setup is annoying and looks an absolute mess. This behavior is not the type of childhood creativity I have written about on this blog. You can read a little more about this topic in another Dads for Creativity article titled, Checking Parental Bias.

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Another discussion in the interview is the overall blog’s evolution and how it relates to my creative growth; it started as a parenting website with me blogging about the many dad and child activities I organized at the weekend with my firstborn. I loved (and still love) being a Father, and offered an outlet to express that passion.

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Eight years later, I think my writing has improved a little, I know a bit more about the field of Creativity, and I have a Doctorate in Education. However, the feelings I have when writing content for the website are as intense and blissful as ever before. Naturally, the articles have changed over the years and with more children I write less, but I hope they still capture my joy of being a Dad to three incredibly creative young boys. They are my greatest accomplishment in life, and this blog offers an archive to so many wonderful memories over the years.

I finish my Fathers Day reflection with one of the first ever parent blog articles; it’s like 95% on father and son, and 5% on Creativity. I think that summarizes what we celebrate on Mother’s and Father’s Day, a devotion and love of parenting.

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Matthew Worwood
Matthew Worwood is an educator, Creative Studies scholar-practitioner, and co-host of the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast. He is a professor of Digital Media Design at the University of Connecticut and a husband and proud father to three young boys.

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