New Family Traditions: Make your Family Holiday Card this holiday season

by Matthew Worwood

It’s that time of the year again. A joyous time for our little ones. Celebrations, excitement, and good holiday cheer.

In our special holiday episode of the Fueling Creativity podcast, my co-host Cyndi Burnett asked me to share a holiday tradition that promotes quality time with the family and creativity at home. I spoke about our routine of making a festive picture for our family holiday card. It’s not super original, and I’m not the first, but it’s fun, productive, and has become one of our family traditions that kickoff the festive season.

Creativity is about doing new things with old stuff – you probably already send out holiday cards, so making the picture instead of taking the picture isn’t too different.

Below is the three pictures that will be appearing on our family Christmas card this holiday season.

My youngest stole the show with his Gingerbread House. He produced this picture with a combination of paints and color crayons. My middle guy kept is simple. I think he was inspired by the short film “The Snowman”, which we had watched the night before. Finally, my eldest is getting more and more into story making. There was an image from a scene in an emerging Christmas story he is putting together.

If you want to hear a little more about this activity and other holiday family traditions that promote quality time together, check out our 2021 holiday special for the Fueling Creativity Podcast.

Matthew Worwood
Matthew Worwood is an educator, Creative Studies scholar-practitioner, and co-host of the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast. He is a professor of Digital Media Design at the University of Connecticut and a husband and proud father to three young boys.

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