Nurturing Problem-Solving in Kids

by Dads for Creativity
DADS_FOR_CREATIVITY: Sunglasses case

The sunglasses case my daughter designed so that I never lose my glasses again.

Nurturing creativity in our kids can take place at every turn in the road as they grow older. Big projects can be fun – but it’s in the everyday solution to simple things that also allows a kid’s imagination to soar. By involving our kids in problem solving – we can equip them with unique
and creative thinking skills that may allow them to discover unique solutions to the most mundane or complex problems. And with these creative skills as a foundation – who knows what they will think up next?

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I’m always losing my sunglasses case. Dark black case. Blends in everywhere. Our three rescue dogs waited impatiently in the Landcrusier for the trip to the dog park to begin as my wife, my nine-year old daughter Natalie and I all searched for my sunglasses case.

I complained non-stop until I finally found the dark case camouflaged on top of a dark leather book. Little did I know that this would be the last time I’d ever have to hunt for them. As I took my sunglasses out of their dark case, I caught a glimpse of my daughter watching me. “What would you do so I wouldn’t lose them? I asked her. Natalie took the case and went into her room. A few minutes later she emerged and handed me a customized glass case that would stand out almost anywhere. There are many daily problems we encounter, and we should all pursue opportunities to engage our children in this type of everyday problem-solving at home.

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Matthew Worwood August 24, 2014 - 3:47 pm

I absolutely love this example of problem-solving. Identified a problem, generated and idea for a solution, and then actually had the opportunity to execute. One question – have you lost your glasses since?


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