iPad App Series: 4 Introductory iPad Apps for Toddlers

by Matthew Worwood


Our children are growing up in a world where much of their technology is interactive. Most children have access to some type of tablet device and we as parents watch in wonder as they quickly learn to navigate the interface to select their favorite applications. This article suggests 4 introductory iPad apps for toddlers.

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While the impact of mobile devices on learning outcomes is lacking research, much of the studies appear to be focused toward the improvement of children’s test scores in Reading, Math, and Science. A recent study cited in a BBC article suggested that increased technology in school has done little to improve scores on the PISA tests (a world wide assessment used to rank school student test scores globally). However when we think about the cultivation of creative thinking skills these types of findings are irrelevant, even if they prove true, and I believe all parents should take advantage of the multiple ways these devices can challenge skills in problem-solving and creativity. While Pediatricians advise parents to limit screen time to approximately two hours, I haven’t heard anyone suggest that our technological phenomena should be ignored completely (though I‘m far away from advocating for the iPaOtato – couch potato). – So where do we start?

Remember most toddlers will begin to develop interest in mobile technology through observation, but there are certainly a number of iPad apps for toddlers that introduce the interactive nature of this technology. To get started it’s best to look for simple touch and response apps and as they quickly become accustomed to the device you can expand your apps based on their individual interests and creativity. For example, my eldest is highly imaginative so we look for story creation or drawing apps that allow him to engage this aspect of his skillset.

Below are my four favorite apps for toddlers, with a special mention to Tiggly, who integrate tangible objects into the learning experience. All have proven to be a hit with my 18 month old (though FaceTime with his Skypagran is probably his favorite) and are available from the Apple App store, though I’m confident the same, or similar alternatives are available on Android.

4 Introductory iPad Apps for Toddlers


Tiggly Safari: Integrating tangible objects into the learning experience




My Little Town from Wonderkind: My favorite interactive app and they’ve now added to the collection



Baby Musical Hands: An award winning app that I think even babies would enjoy



Toddler Cars: This is one of a few similar apps that allow toddlers to touch and hear everyday objects




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Matthew Worwood
Matthew Worwood is an educator, Creative Studies scholar-practitioner, and co-host of the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast. He is a professor of Digital Media Design at the University of Connecticut and a husband and proud father to three young boys.

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Rosemarie Grouver September 24, 2015 - 2:23 am

Love this newest blog article! I got Baby Musical Hands for my almost 8 month old! He is gonna love it!

Matthew Worwood September 27, 2015 - 2:48 pm

Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

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